Hecho con Amor, Beber con Amor.  

Made with Love, Drink with Love.​


Our Story

Beginning with a chance encounter at a beautiful restaurant in Baja California, three friends decided to immerse themselves in a world that filled them with smells, flavors and adventures of a lifetime. Their passion for travel, authenticity and luxury, combined with an unwavering free-spirit and sense of self one finds in nature, has led to the beautiful selection of mezcal we are proud to share with you today.


At Acre Mezcal, we seek out small batch mezcaleros, who for generations have been lovingly perfecting their craft throughout the most rural and beautiful regions of Mexico. Each batch is an uncompromising reflection of the creators’ heritage and the land from which they came.

What is Mezcal?

The recipe for mezcal is only three ingredients


Noble, resilient and resourceful, the agave plant is a sacred symbol in Mexico. The plant is the physical manifestation of Mayahuel, the mother of fertility for the Mexican land. For Mexicans, the agave is sacred. It gives jobs to thousands of families and its secrets are passed down over generations.


Agave has the ability to accumulate water in its succulent and thick leaves, allowing it to adapt to the many climates of Mexico. The borders of its leaves have teeth that protect it from predators. The plant has been used for sweeteners, soap, thread, disinfectant, ink, paper and of course, mezcal.


The agave feeds off of the ground and the sun, soaking in the rich nutrients from the land around it and taking on the character of the land. Each agave is a reflection of its surroundings. The type of soil, altitude, humidity, sun exposure and geography all leave their mark on the plant and final product of mezcal with what we call terroir.


In order for agave to make its ultimate transformation to mezcal, it must be fed with water. After the agave is crushed into fibers, water is added to the mix to begin the fermentation process. Acre Mezcal only uses natural spring water from the flowing streams of the surrounding mountainsides. These are the waters that sustain both the agave and the mezcalero throughout their lives.


This mixture of agave and water picks up the natural and wild yeasts in the air around it, transforming the agave sugars alcoholic over a period of 7 to 30 days. The micro environment of these yeasts creates a unique and unrepeatable flavor profile for each producer. Each batch is distinct and a pure expression of the time and place at which it was made.



Without love, there is no mezcal. Each step of the process, from the time the agave seed is planted until the last sip is enjoyed, must be treated with care and respect. It is a love of our craft and a commitment to providing the purest and most authentic expressions of the spirit that sustains us.


The specific techniques and secrets of mezcal production have been passed down for generations amongst the families that craft our mezcals. Our producers love their creation as it has allowed their families to survive and prosper for over a hundred years. Through using sustainable practices and taking care of the land we hope the agave will ensure the happiness and health of our producers for hundreds of years more.


As you drink Acre Mezcal, we ask that you show the spirit the same love and respect as those that created it. Tradition, nature and craftsmanship are present in every ounce. Sip slowly and appreciate all the aromas and flavors that each sip has to offer.


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The Property: Acre Baja

Tucked in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo is Acre, a lush sanctuary set on 25 acres of abundant greenery. Featuring elegant treehouses, organic farms, private event spaces, and an award-winning bar and restaurant, connection and celebration are at the heart of what we do.


Causes We Support

Acre Dogs

Acre Dogs was created in January 2018 when Rachel Watt was given box of 6 puppies. Determined to save and re-home each one of them, she began the healing process. The road to recovery for these pups wasn’t easy, but once healthy enough, they were each picked out by amazing new families and taken home to various cities in the US and Canada.

To date, Acre Dogs has found homes for over 130 puppies and plans to care for hundreds more.


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